About Me

I was born and raised in Việt Nam, spent my college years in the US and France, and now live in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

I like very few tunes, but I adore Andrew Bird music. His instruments enlighten me and his words color my mind, so that I don’t look at the sky only seeing “zeros and ones,” but play coder of twinkling eyes and crinkly smiles.

I love languages and learning to express myself in varying terms. I love the feeling of wholeheartedly understanding an expression in a language when no translation can carry the same meaning.

To me, photography is a complex and multidimensional language. A photograph is a text that evokes different interpretations and feelings from different eyes and hearts. My job is to create not just a beautiful photographic document, but also a unique expression of who you are in a way that can’t be translated by memory and words. I want you to be able to wholeheartedly relive the important milestones that you treasure in your lives.