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BRIDE'S TIPS: 10 Logistical Things You Can Do To Allow For The Best Wedding Photography

#1. Coordinate the colors of your bouquet and your invitation suite... ...and ask your florist for some loose blooms. The loose flowers come in handy when your photographer styles up details like the...

#1. Coordinate the colors of your bouquet and your invitation suite…

…and ask your florist for some loose blooms. The loose flowers come in handy when your photographer styles up details like the invitation suite, your shoes, veil, accessories, etc.

#2. Have the flowers delivered early in the day

This tip is a result of the 1st one. As the photographer, I typically arrive 2-3 hours before your ceremony time. So having the flowers delivered before your photographer arrives will allow him/her to use them for those details shots. Your bouquet can bring a lot of color and/or texture to your dress and add more interest to the dress shots.

#3. Keep all 3 rings…

because your photographer will need them for details photos before your MOH or bridesmaid hands them off to the Best Man.

#4. Set all the details aside for your photographer before your rehearsal dinner

This is to make sure that we won’t be missing any of the important wedding and bridal / groom details. I typically send my brides a list of all those items that need to be set aside the week of the wedding, so that they have time to gather them. This should definitely be done before your rehearsal dinner because things might get a little hectic afterwards!

#5. Select a bridal suite with a big window

If you have options for a bridal suite, select one with a large natural light source would really help achieve bright and airy photos for the getting ready part of the day.

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#6. Have your Mom and Bridesmaids get dressed before you get into your dress

As a Bride, you’d be the last person to get dressed so that your Mom and bridesmaids are already ready by the time they help you with your gown and put on finishing touches for you.

#7. Put your jewelries on after the dress

Reserve this part of getting ready for when you’re all dressed simply because it makes more sense from a storytelling perspective to save this as the last part before your complete look.

#8. No-phone-on-the-aisle policy during the ceremony

I can’t stress this enough! Please ask your guests (via your invitation or wedding website) to avoid leaning out into the aisle to take photos at any point during the ceremony. As the photographer, I don’t mind asking your guests to step aside if they obstruct my view, but this is something I couldn’t do during a ceremony without causing any disturbance on the flow of the event. The last thing you want is pictures of rows of smart phones blocking your first kiss as husband and wife!

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#9. Pack a touch-up kit and ask your Planner or Maid of Honor to hold on to it for you…

…especially if your wedding takes place in the summer, AND also for touching up after those happy tears. This kit will also come in handy if your hairdo needs to be pinned up on a windy day.

#10. Position your sweetheart table so that your photographer can get behind you

This makes such a difference especially during the speeches because it allows your photographer to be creative with a variety of angles and capture your reception more fully. It also makes those end-of-the-night kiss shots possible.

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