Which Of These 5 Mistakes Do You Make As A Bride-To-Be

As Brides-To-Be, you’re most likely planning your wedding for the first time. As first timers, everyone is likely to make mistakes. Below are 5 you may want to avoid.

1. You love a hairdo that looks great on the model on Pinterest, but…
…the model’s facial features are totally different from yours. What looks good on Pinterest might not look like what you’d expect on you. Realizing this in the beginning of your wedding day is really the last thing you want to happen!

2. You pick a makeup style that is too light for photos
If you like bright and airy wedding photography, consider kicking up your makeup a notch because it would look considerably lighter in photos.

3. You decide on a dress that doesn’t allow breathing or worse yet…
…gives you blisters! Consult with a custom wedding dress designer. She/He can tell you all the pitfalls because (s)he actually makes every bit of the dress!

4. You go with a bouquet that overpowers you
We want a bouquet that compliments you, not diverts attention from you! Go with something dimensional rather than rich in volume.

5. You select a photographer with a great portfolio, then it turns out…
…you’re rather uncomfortable in front of her/his lens. Good photographers make good pictures. Great photographers do that + give a great experience.

If you fear that one of more of these might happen to you, then you’d want to consider our bridal consultation event Aisle Style. Here, you meet with wedding professionals who help you avoid these pitfalls and many more.

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– A mini Hair and Makeup trial

– Custom dress consultation and trial (yes, you get to try on dresses!)

– Professional photos of your complete look

– Bouquet for the photos and floral ideas

– Wedding rings consultation

– Personalized vendor recommendations and inspiration

– Wedding day design and logistics consultation

– Live Music

– Canapés and champagne

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It’s decision time. You can pass up this opportunity and risk making avoidable mistakes on your big day, OR you can let us help you be an informed Bride-To-Be who will have a stress-free wedding day. The decision is yours, and we’re here to help.

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Minh Cao
Owner & Photographer
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