Seoul: South Korea

Like any large cities, Seoul is a bustling and eclectic place. Walking the streets of Seoul, you’re constantly presented with abundant opportunities to do anything and everything: shopping, eating, lounging around at coffee shops, hoping in line for the best crispy freshly fried chicken, browsing dozens of mouth-watering desserts, or even clawing for stuffed pokémons. It’s a colorful city for sure and one of the most people AND skyscraper-populated places I’ve ever visited. Sitting on top of the Namsan Tower (Space Needle-like), you can see high-rises as far as you eyesight could reach. Pretty impressive I’d say.

One of the cool things we got to see was the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) between the North and the South. We got to see part of North Korea (!) and crawl into one of the tunnels that were dug through by the Northern neighbors. We took a tour of the “Folk Village” where we saw the Korean traditional ways of life and their customs. If you’re someone who loves textures and artisanal handcrafted tools, then this is a must-see. We ended our visit with a sumptuous 5-course dinner at the n.GRILL rotating restaurant on top of Namsan Tower.

For film lovers out there, all photos were taken on a Nikon F100 with a mix of Portra 400 and Ektar 100.

Walking Seoul Streets

 The DMZ

The Folk Village

Namsan Tower

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